On the COVID-19 Outbreak

Community Quarantine Measures: Sindh

There shall be a complete ban on movement of people including Intercity or Inter-Provincial Travel or gathering of any kind for social, religious, or any other purpose at any place, public or private, including all offices, publics or private situated within the territorial limits of province of Sindh except the following:

1.    Personnel related to Health services like Hospitals, laboratories and medical stores.

2.    Personnel related to Law Enforcing Agencies enforcing/implementing this order.

3.    Personnel related to essential services/offices going to perform their duties providing essential services as declared later part of this order.

4.    Person in need of medical care with and attendant where necessary.

5.    Person going to buy grocery and medicine.

6.    Necessary / unavoidable religious rites like the last rites, Namiaz-e-Janaza (funeral), burial and related events provided that all precautions against the spread of disease are taken and a safe distance of 01 meter (3 feet) is maintained between people gathered in small numbers/ close family members after prior intimation to SHO of the area. Assistant Commissioner and SDPO of the area will supervise and as and when necessary provide added force/manpower for compliance.

7.    Any exemption that may be deemed necessary by the Government.

Following conditions will apply to the persons given exemption:

a)    To travel in single number in vehicle but may carry one more as attendant in case there is some medical emergency.

b)    One person per family may go out to buy essential medicines, grocery, etc. with a driver only in the case of elderly or handicapped.

c)    Person on Vehicles carrying essential food items, such as products from mill/factory, medicines, medical equipment with only helper/cleaner allowed on vehicle with no passenger allowed on such vehicle.

d)    Persons so travelling. Coming out as exempted are to carry valid ID card/ CNIC and official card or such authority letter duly signed and stamped by the Head. They are further required to travel & gather at work keeping in view social distance (1 meter/ 3 feet) & taking safety precautions against the spread. 

For a period of 15 DAYS starting from 23-03-2020 at 12:00.  

The Philippine Embassy in Pakistan reminds all Filipinos to keep updated with pronouncements and guidelines from their respective Local Government and the Central Government.

You can get pertinent information on procedures and requirements, as well as download the forms for each type of service you require.  If your particular query is not covered in this section, please feel free to write us at islamabad.pe@dfa.gov.ph or isdpe@isb.comsats.net.pk for general questions.  For specific questions on any of the services please go to our Contact Us page for particulars to that Department.

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